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5 april 2023 3 49 triangles Russia fakes lottery? 15-16 9 34 41... 4 may 2023 1 call 3132854413 not usa not what they think 2803 g v a n a r e?   6430430 tv  the children are safe and are located at this address not USA. this dream from March 2023 was all in Roman numbers, well I found out that these were lottery numbers for a major lottery in the same month as this dd, actually just a week later. 22 april 2023 2 fox news, Tucker Carlson, 11 may 2023, fox fires Tuker due to pending child porn charges?  numbers (login to view this one, VERY DISTURBING) 16 may 2023 4  Numbers breaking news cNN confirms US senators issued emergency satellite phones.  5 april 2023 1  May 2023 lottery numbers, EuroMillions... 20 may 2023 3  Friday, May 26th, Donald Trump was arrested with three others 11:07 AM Some other date in June Trump was hospitalized and died. Due to. Heart attack drug by Russia. There is no test for this currently. CPAS dreams. Donald Trump does not die 5 april 2023 4 Easter terrorist attack... 1373 04 April 2006 - Kabardino-balkharia Yury Kokov Cogp Murder Copg Murder Fake Terrorist Attack So Putin Could Contact... 18 april 2023 3  April 27th 2023 1:14 am Gerald Norman 13 27 44 Maybe a pick 3 lottery... 4 may 20234 51.189 48.015  world War 3 starts here. 18 april 2023 1 Chumlee dies in Motocycle accident, exit ?? date (login) 19 april 2023 1  This is an easy way to reach your normal state (pretend you are a happy dog who loves your owner.  Every day your owner leaves for work in the morning and returns home at random times during the day.  When she/he leaves you are not sad an 4 may 2023 2  617-61 space 3711 June 1st May 27th train derailment. 6 april 2023 1 A major train accident is again related to this break apart Russian made train derailer, it breaks apart after the train derails (search my site for much more) 5 april 2023 6 "My Pillow" man arrested for sharing classified trump mara largo secret documents on the dark website (censored, including the ip) address... 6 april 2023 2 Killer (soon, this is his address, censored) 1 may 2023 1 I see you. 2 april 2023 4  This works!   If you're having trouble staying asleep and are overweight, this dd is for you.  Print the dream drawing and fold it in half so both stars touch.  Place the paper under your bed and forget about it... that's it.    3 april 2023 2  Edgar Cayce, brain? Jesus is real trust your? dream? hands statue Acts 2:42 , numbers (maybe related to another dream from last night) 14 may 2023 2 Russa uses an ant-sat weapon to destroy the ISS space station, lots of numbers, the same numbers as a dream from March of this year... 3 april 2023 3 numbers, April 19th, Jesus is real, love, dog, Luke 21:11  (maybe related to another dream from last night) 16 april 2023 2  USA MEGAMILLIONS WINNING NUMBERS  Ok, I think I need to explain this to anyone new About 10 years ago, I offered a free service called the Monday Matrix. The Monday Matrix was a special section of my sites where I offered lucid dreaming,  1 april 2023 3  Winning lottery numbers for this month, if you play, just use them...on any lottery...just try it. 4 april 2023 1   Can you see it too?  look close... 1 may 2023 2  trump hate? 3 april 2023 1 why, numbers... 1 may 2023 3 blue explosion. 23 march 2023 1  Numbers Julia Wendell arrested... 
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This special blend of Organic Lions Mane mushroom extract, organic Reishi Mushroom powder, Chaga powder, and organic Turkey Tail mushroom extract have been taken directly from several dreams I have had during the past several years.  Play album slideshow


Misc dream drawings and more  Play album slideshow


10-9-21 I taught my cat to roll over  Play album slideshow


A bird bit me on my daily jog  Play album slideshow


Public Lottery Picks for September 2021  Play album slideshow


Gold Maps - exact locations where you can find real gold. All maps use information from my dreams and map dousing  Play album slideshow


NEW! Free lottery picks by mail, I will personally fill out your blank lottery sheet and mail it back to you for free, postage is included!  Play album slideshow


Miracle Seeds 2021 - get your life-changing free seeds here.  Play album slideshow


8 hours of personal subliminal affirmations from my dreams, voiced by me, are designed to improve every element of your life. Download them now and wake up a new person...guaranteed to work!  Play album slideshow


10 4 20 This is important and it's totally free and harmless to try - print this dream drawing - fold it in half and place inside your pillowcase - forgot about it for one week  Play album slideshow


8/31/2020 I'm staying in the hospital for 2 days, I have my phone with me my aortic aneurysm is getting bigger, that's not a good thing Will still be posting dreams and doing other work  Play album slideshow


I found the cat in the poster I called the numbers but it was disconnected  Play album slideshow


Well I MADE Jacob get out the house, today this is his first time out since the quarantine my wife and I took him to the beach while the other three stayed home and played video games Look how thrilled he is to finally get outside and see the ocean  Play album slideshow


March 27th 2020 I will be gone for a little while will be back soon, I'll try my best to complete readings requests and posting my nightly dreams Please STAY HOME - AND LOVE EACH OTHER  Play album slideshow


March 25th 2020 As of right now, there are supposed to be only 68,960 cases of the coronavirus in the USAthis number has got to be way low!! Our president said this would be over soon well I can't smell a thing right now, and I'm getting a  Play album slideshow

2-8-20 Sadness anyway, today is my birthday  Play album slideshow


August 10th, 2019 These are our newest family members :)  Play album slideshow



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